What inspired you to start your business? 

In the middle of the pandemic Butler County residents Maggy and Evens Louis Charles decided it was time to act on their dream of owning a Haitain food trailer, SAK PASE PGH. 


"We did not know where or how to start, but just that we were determined to make it happen."  Maggy started googling nonprofits to help start the business and came upon SCORE.

How SCORE helped. 

They credit SCORE  mentor, Russell Hearn, for coaching them through the entire process. Filing the LLC, obtaining an EIN, creating a business plan and projections, applying for a loan, and more. 


"With Russell's help, we got completed in a few short weeks what would have taken us months to complete alone. We truly could not have done it without his help." 

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a small business? 

Their advice to anyone in Pittsburgh wanting to start a business - "Utilize SCORE and ask everyone and anyone for advice. Don't listen to negative comments; if you have the desire and the drive, you can make it happen."

Sak Pase Haitian Food Pittsburgh

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