Marketing Your Products & Services

Identify and market products and services that deliver new value to customers more effectively and efficiently than competitors.  Develop unique insights about customers’ product- or service-specific needs, buying behaviors, and profitability to better prioritize, tailor, and deliver products/services.

Regulatory & Compliance Issues in Pennsylvania

  • Where can I find a list of what needs to be filed with the federal, state and local government authorities?
  • How do I register a fictitious name in Pennsylvania?
  • How do I file for a Federal Employer Tax Identification Number?
  • Do I need to register on PA Form 100?

Financing Your Business

There a several sources to consider when looking for funding. It is important that you explore all your options before making a decision.

Entrepreneur’s Guide: Starting and Growing a Business in Pennsylvania

This guide is filled with the most current information available. You will find free services, checklists, helpful tips and licensing procedures.

Useful Small Business Websites

There are literally hundreds of useful websites for small businesses.  The sites presented here target the most frequent questions of our clients. And they will lead you to broader lists for more specific issues that you may have.

How Do I Write A Business Plan

Writing an effective business plan is critical to obtaining outside financing for your business venture. Learn how to develop a quality business plan.

Business Plan Outline

A lender of money will be impressed with a well-documented business plan. If the lender is unwilling to make a conventional loan, ask if the lending institution will consider making the loan with a guarantee from the Small Business Administration.

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