Product & Value Proposition

Identify and bring to market products and services that deliver new value to customers more effectively and efficiently than competitors.  Develop unique insights about customers’ product- or service-specific needs, buying behaviors, and profitability to better prioritize, tailor, and deliver products/services.

For more information try SCORE's free online Create Competitive Advantage workshop.

Market & Competitive Research

Research the market and your competitors to better position sales efforts in the market place based on identified segmentation, competitive behavior, market opportunities and gaps.

  • A good place to start your research is at the Carnegie Business Library they have a number of databases with information about local and national businesses.  Many of these databases can be access online.
  • - FedStats - The gateway to statistics from 100 Federal Agencies.
  • - North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS), which has now replaced the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code: Breaks down all businesses by type and location.


Maximize the value for your company of each transaction by understanding what each customer is willing to pay for your product/service relative to the alternatives.

SCORE offers a free online workshop titled Price Products and Services.

Marketing Communication; Advertising, Public Relations & Promotions

Efficiently and consistently communiting the benefits of the products and its value proposition.  Understand how different media vehicles impact perception and awareness of your products and services and use this knowledge to impact sales and profits.

Marketing Your Products & Services