Each year thousands of Pennsylvanians begin the journey toward entrepreneurship. Some travel alone with nothing more than a good idea for a business and money they have saved from their own paycheck. Other potential entrepreneurs need to develop a detailed plan, secure financing and investigate industry, state and federal regulations. Whether your journey from concept to opening day is months or years, you will discover that starting a business requires answers to numerous questions.  You will also find that once the business is started, the need for quick, concise information continues throughout corporate life.  This guide is intended to direct you toward the people, agencies, and sources of information that can provide

answers to both business development and growth questions. 


The Entrepreneur’s Guide: Starting and Growing a Business in Pennsylvania is filled with the most current information available. You will find free services, check lists, helpful tips and licensing procedures. Because the information in this guide is not intended to be the final statement on any subject, you will also find addresses, web sites and telephone numbers for contacting business-related agencies. You are encouraged to seek specific information about your type of business from the appropriate agency. You should also consider enlisting the help of legal,  accounting, and insurance professionals during the planning stages of your business venture.

Entrepreneur's Guide: Starting and Growing a Business in Pennsylvania