Workshop Presenters

Presenters at Small Business Basics Workshops

Local business experts in the fields of accounting, business law, human resources, insurance and marketing conduct training at the Small Business Basics Workshop.  A listing of recent presenters with contact information is available for each of these subject areas: 


John Williams, SCORE Pittsburgh Counselor, 724-941-2825
Joyce Pearl, SCORE Pittsburgh Counselor, 412-362-1446

Record Keeping and Taxes

Dale Cowher, Dale K. Cowher & Company, 412-254-5100
Matt Collins, Collins & Ganley, P. C., 412-653-9600, x104
David Wilke, Wilke & Associates, L. L. P. 412-278-2200, x11
Buzz Rose, B. Rose, CPA 412-921-3013 


Robert Vernick, Dollar Bank, 412-261-7515
Deborah E. Takach, First Commonwealth Bank, 724-926-1314
Chris Savena, First National Bank, 412-995-1030
Shelly Hammond, PNC Bank, 412-762-0303
Brian Hulme, ESB Bank, 724-758-5584
Steve McCarron, Bridgeway Capital, 412-201-2450, x23


Stephen Cohen, SCORE Pittsburgh Chair, & Keystone By Design, Inc. 412-421-3999
Ron Cox, SCORE Pittsburgh Vice-Chair, 724-612-0099

Legal Aspects

Lynn Emerson, BusinessLegal, P. C., 724-693-0447
Barbara Ann Mohajery, Mohajery & Associates, P. C., 412-781-6772
Edward Wachter, Jr., McCann Garland Ridall & Burke, 412-566-1820, x114