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Some businesses just naturally fit together.  Three such businesses recently called on SCORE Pittsburgh separately seeking its free, confidential counseling service.  David Rosenblatt, a SCORE Pittsburgh mentor, didn’t plan on bringing together three of his clients.  It just seemed to make sense when he got to know each one and realized his role of connector would be to the benefit of all three. 

To describe his role, SCORE Pittsburgh counselor David stated “I consider myself a sculptor.  When Steve Daniele became a SCORE Pittsburgh candidate, he had already the elements of a successful business taking shape.  I was able to chisel and fine tune the shape and direction.  I was able to introduce Steve to two other SCORE Pittsburgh clients, a plumber and a concrete mason; through this “Trusted Networking”, the three have been able to work together to enhance each others’ businesses.”

Steve DanieleWhen Steve launched his residential and commercial contracting business, Shannon Staley and Sons in 2012, he did what most entrepreneurs do – he ‘winged’ it.  In late 2014, Steve recognized that in order to continue to grow his business, he needed to implement systems and processes to enhance consistency.  He had heard about SCORE Pittsburgh and decided to see what help he may get from them. 

To that end, he meets regularly with his SCORE Pittsburgh counselor David Rosenblatt who acts as a mentor, sounding board, accountability partner, and business consultant.  Their conversations cover the range of all aspects of business – Accounting and Financial statements to Customer Service, Marketing and Lead Generation.  David gives Steve 5-7 recommendations that become Steve’s ‘homework’ for their next meeting.  “David is sitting in a seat where I want to be in a few years, sharing and leveraging the breadth of his experience with someone who is not as seasoned. That is the value of working with a SCORE Pittsburgh counselor. “

Matt Garfold, the Owner and Founder of GI Plumbing, credits David and SCORE Pittsburgh with providing amazing resources to Veterans such as himself who wanted to strike out on their own.  Matt spent 4 years in active duty with the Marine Corps.  When he returned, he decided to enter the plumbing field, following the example of an uncle.  “Everybody needs a plumber, and I wanted to create a business where my wife and maybe eventually my children, could work together toward a successful foundation. “  Matt attended several SBA workshops geared to returning veterans where he met David.  “David was the first person to greet me when I walked into the room.  He really listened; here was this successful businessman taking the time to share his experience and expertise with me.  I was blown away that this resource was available to me.  Then to add the introduction to Steve at Shannon Staley and Sons has been a true blessing.  That connection has been huge for both of us.”

The third leg of the “Trusted Networking “team that David helped to assemble is Margaret Burtch, President of Silq Concrete, LLC.   Margaret has been in the construction trade as a concrete mason/finisher since 1989.   Taking advantage of the resources that SCORE Pittsburgh has for small businesses has been ‘phenomenal’, according to Margaret.  “David helped me take my business to the next level”, she states.  “Without the resources of SCORE, I would have been totally lost”.  The connection that David fostered with Steve has been a “good journey, a perfect fit.”

Steve, Matt and Margaret are all skilled representatives of the trades who needed guidance to move their businesses forward.  They not only received that help from SCORE Pittsburgh, but they also got an advocate in David Rosenblatt who has made effective connections, creating a strong bond that they can each leverage to enhance their businesses and strengthen their partners, a  truly winning combination.

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For more information on the Pittsburgh SCORE chapter, a resource partner of the US Small Business Administration, please visit them at   SCORE is a business counseling/mentoring organization providing free counseling, resources and advice to people who are in business or want to start a business. SCORE also provides free or low cost workshops on various business topics.  Volunteer counselors are experienced owners or managers of businesses that volunteer their time to help small businesses succeed. 

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