How SCORE Pittsburgh Can Help Your Business Succeed

Why can SCORE be  important to your business success? Why do current and former clients recommend us so highly?

Three reasons:

  1. First, SCORE Pittsburgh knows the fundamentals, based on real world experience. We share our wisdom through our monthly Business Basics Workshop  and other  specialized training tailor made for the small business owner. We show you how to think your way through your situation; how to plan, structure and finance your business, as well as how to set goals and check your progress.  Many attendees tell us the Small Business Basics Workshop is the most informative day they ever spent.
  2. Second, SCORE Pittsburgh counseling is based on real world experience. SCORE Pittsburgh counselors make their experience available to all. And it’s free! SCORE advice is not just theory; SCORE Pittsburgh Counselors know what works.
  3. Finally, SCORE Pittsburgh programs provide opportunity. At a workshop you can question a practicing attorney, a professional accountant, an expert in insurance; you can learn how to approach a banker for capital and hear answers to other entrepreneurs’ questions. Through counseling you can tap the knowledge of former owners and managers from every area of business.  And using our web site (see Web Links inside) you can find answers right from your computer.
Combining fundamentals with experience and opportunity results in less risk and more likelihood of success. Taking advantage of SCORE Pittsburgh programs can provide a solid foundation for understanding how to overcome the challenges you face.