A Necessary Coach: Your Attorney – A Facilitator For All Stages!

The Big Decision!
If employed, are you willing to give up security of pay check and benefits?
If not, can you take on another “full time +” job?
If unemployed, can you afford to give up fully concentrating on your job search?

The Idea!
A new invention, product or service.
An existing business opportunity.
A pre-packaged business venture.

Attorney needed for:
Protecting your idea!
Preparing necessary Secrecy/Confidentiality Agreements;
Assisting in “due diligence;”
Counseling on various methods of acquiring business properties/assets;
Preparing/reviewing/negotiating Acquisition Agreement;
Reviewing & negotiating Franchise Agreement;
And more!

Realizing and Protecting Your Idea
Preparing your business plan, informally and formally.
Finding backers, participants and/or joint venturers.
Choosing your business, product and/or service names.
Arranging sources of funding.
Obtaining necessary real property, equipment, tools, inventory and supplies.
Arranging sources of “hands on” assistance.

Attorney needed for:
Reviewing your business plan;
Determining availability of, reserving and protecting your business, product and service names;
Arranging for necessary licenses, registrations and approvals;
Counseling on advisability of protecting confidential information as trade secrets;
Counseling on and seeking patent, copyright, trademark protection;
Preparing/reviewing/negotiating funding, real estate & purchase agreements;
And more!

Business Organization
Liability and tax considerations may govern:
Sole Proprietorship
Limited Partnership
Limited Liability Company
Subchapter S Corporation
Normal Business Corporation
Non-Profit Corporation

Attorney needed for:
Advising on pros and cons of various structures, including liability issues;
Working with your CPA to determine advisable structure;
Preparing and making the necessary filings and registrations;
Preparing/reviewing/negotiating Partnership, Shareholder, Co-Owner Agreements;
Discussing advisability of and including “divorce” provisions in initial Agreements;
Discussing advisability of and including “succession” provisions in initial Agreements;
And more!

Building Your Team
In addition to the “coaches” you should already have on your team, your Lawyer and your CPA, and possibly your Banking, real estate, insurance, human resources and marketing professionals, you will or may need:

Attorney needed for:
Counseling on advisability and limitations of Agreements Not To Compete;
Preparing/reviewing/negotiating Co-Owner, Shareholder & Partnership Agreements;
Preparing/reviewing/negotiating Employee Agreements;
Reviewing your employment practices for NLRB, EEOC, PA HRC, etc., compliance;
Counseling on pros and cons on various methods of distribution;
Preparing/reviewing/negotiating Representative and Agency Agreements;
Preparing/reviewing/negotiating Distributorship Agreements;
Preparing/reviewing/negotiating purchase agreements;
Preparing/reviewing/negotiating sales agreements;
And more!

Selling Your Product/Service
Marketing and Advertising
Publicity, Public Relations and Promotion
“Publish or Perish”
Trade Associations

Attorney needed for:
Educating you on requirements and restrictions of Antitrust Law & Laws Regulating Trade;
Reviewing you advertising for truthfulness and for not being false, deceptive or misleading;
Reviewing your marketing, labeling, etc., for FTC, FDA, FCC, EPA, USPS, etc., compliance;
Making benefit/risk evaluation of Trade Association membership/participation;
And more!

And that’s just the beginning …..

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