Most business leaders admit that their organizations lack focus and that their organization capabilities do not completely support their strategy according to a Booz & Company survey of more than 1,800 executives1.  A majority of leaders recognizes that their biggest frustration is having too many disparate priorities. This situation conflicts with making good day-to-day decisions and impairs the proper allocation of resources.

 Focus – a position where strategies, capabilities, and products are consistent – leads to better performance.

To focus your organization, consider these simple and effective steps:

  1.  Identify and rank with your management team the 5 major issues that need attention.
  2. Agree with your team on a basic approach to resolve these issues.
  3. Assign responsibility for an issue to a member of the team and request a more detailed  plan with milestones, deadlines, and resources required.
  4. Distribute the list of issues and the plan for each issue to your management team.
  5. Review progress on the issues with your management team on a regular basis.

You will be surprised how much you can achieve with this simple tool. Just try it. Your organization will benefit immensely.

1. Booz & Company Inc. “Executives Say They’re Pulled in Too Many Directions and That Their Company’s Capabilities Don’t Support Their Strategy” 18-Jan-2011

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